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I have retired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

As of February 1, 2006, I am a genuine, retired person!!

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I worked as a Senior Secretary at a. research. and development corporation in East Tennessee for 25 years, after spending 23 years working for attorneys primarily, with a radio station manager, oil company partner, bank president, and hospital administrator thrown in. Grew up in Southern Illinois and lived in Florida for a couple of years. Moved to Tennessee in 1980. Tend to be a romantic and am very tender-hearted. Will cry at a hamster funeral or over any sad story. Believe in honesty, integrity, kindness, and kids. Won't tolerate dirty tricks, lies, or smart alecs. Manage to be happy most of the time and think tomorrow will be better. Believe everyone deserves a second chance, but expect them to make good use of it.
I am a warm weather person and look forward to spring and the good old summertime. "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy." My dearest loves are my two sons and my precious little granddaughter.  Am an animal lover from 'way back, with dogs being my favorite. I like to dance and hike and just be outdoors. Adore the mountains and the ocean. Enjoy music, from country to classical. Have been known to go fishing. Love to spend time with my family.  Like to spend time helping out at my church, chatting with friends, and entertaining my pets. Can't stand Seinfeld or Drew Carey. Think Roseanne should be stranded on a desert island with Pee-Wee Herman. Will watch any Cary Grant or Bette Davis movie. Still think Paul Newman had the dreamiest blue eyes ever.  

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Darin and Trent
when they were kids.


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I have an adorable little Bichon named Cosmo.
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Creative Napping With Cosmo


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"How Could You?"

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