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Porcelain Bugles - Clay Horns - Ceramic Musical Instruments

The DOOGLE - Coming Soon!

Welcome to The Musically Functional Porcelain Bugles Home Page. Here you will find brightly colored porcelain clay bugles. These horns actually play music, just like a bugle or trumpet does. They have no fingering, but can play such tunes as "Taps", "Reveille", and "Charge"! These musical instruments are hand made from colored porcelain clay, which is high fired with a clear glaze that shows the color of the clay beneath. You are welcome to browse the art gallery of clay horns, studio photos, artist statement, and if you are interested in one of these porcelain trumpets please look at the price list and color chart. And don't hesitate to write us email about any questions or comments you might have. Thanks for stopping by!

The Double Bell Euphonium (my trademark shape) and The Single Bell Euphonium (seen here with Larger Bell).
The Double Bell Euphonium shape was my original inspiration,
which fascinated me as a child and still inspires me today.