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Musically Functional Porcelain Bugles

E-mail: clay@aceweb.com

BUGLE STYLES Prices 2006
Small French 590
Small Bugle 600
Sax Bugle 650
Small Baritone 650 upward facing bell
Large Baritone 800 outward facing bell
Large French 800
Oval French 875
Flugel Horn 750 shown w/large table standing bell +$80
Yucatanian Alligator Horn 900
Trombone 900
Serpent Horn Bugle 850 shown w/large table standing bell +$80
Oscillator Bugle 800
Double Belled Euphonium 1800 this horn has two bells
Large Table Standing Bell, add 75 the BELL is a bugle's flared end
Bell Removal & Replacement 100

FEES & TERMS: 7.5% Packing Fee. COD or Pro Forma. Plus shipping costs.

OTHER DESIGNS of unique visual and sonic variety are available upon request.
Please inquire or submit your own design.

BUGLES are wind instruments having a conical shaped tube set into vibration by a cupped mouthpiece like the trumpet. Without keys or valves, bugles require no fingering to be played. Bugles are sounded chiefly for military calls, to summon, to signal, and used as hunting horns. Bugles play such well known tunes as Taps, Reveille, and Charge, etc.

PORCELAIN BUGLES are SONIC ART SCULPTURES that play bugles tunes, such as those above. These bugles are individually hand built using extruded, slab, and thrown clay techniques. Made from colored porcelain clay, these multicolored bugles have inlayed clay designs and are high fired with a clear glaze, and thus the colors are derived entirely from the clay it's self. Multiple colors may be selected from the pallet shown below.

White Cerulean Pea Green Yellow Peach
Gray Medium Blue Bermuda Orange Pink
Black Dark Blue Jade Red Lavender
Dark Plum