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Patrick Halm

I make films and drawings. While film has been my main focus, drawing has served an important role in developing core ideas and visual themes. Often, much of my work is built around a specific kernel of interest which I feel can sustain a visual motif. By examining this in my work process, and then through a form of recapitulation, the work unfolds. It is to this “unfolding” I then turn my attention. I follow the strands and layers this examination reveals. I filter what is innate, what is learned, and what is genuine to construct an order created from gravity, light, time, and the collective past.
I have a variety of interests that recur thematically throughout my work. I draw elements from diverse subjects such as outmoded science, childhood, ancient symbols, technology, the natural world, and the human drive to create. As a consequence of working with time-based media, such as video, an important part of my work is concerned with reinterpreting linear structure and its relationship to the thought process. To this relationship, poetic verse, symphonic music, and narrative history all play a part in recasting and adding layers to the images and ideas that comprise my work.
Artists are thinkers. Art for me has always been a gateway to thought, a transport where image and idea can reveal an invisible path concealed within memory, moment, and motion. I attempt to create an experience that points the way through that gateway. Above all, my work is intended to create a space where viewers can exercise their own thought process, to dislodge, unlearn, find freedom and ultimately gain access to the creative self.

Patrick Halm 2014

Patrick Halm received a B.F.A. from the Rhode Island School Of Design. His work has been featured in galleries and festivals in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Vancouver, and throughout the U.S. He had his first solo show in 1999 at The Blinding Light Gallery Theater in Vancouver, BC. Canada. Selected film works are distributed through Canyon Cinema in San Francisco. In 2013 he published a book of selected drawings LINE MYTH ECHO. He has been living and making his work in Los Angeles for 25 years.