Finally! The Bane Stock Exchange Vest! Fabricated by Designer TJP


"You fight like a younger man, with nothing held back. Admirable but mistaken." Bane

Bane Stock Exchange Safety Vest - Movie Accurate & Rare!

Hi Everyone! Now that the web host site IMGUR is no longer displaying many images from it's "free clients", makes me look "sparse and crazy" over here with several "broken Product Image Hyperlinks" all over the place. Please bear with us as the existing, but missing, images are relocated to another Hosting Site and even Google Drive. There's approximately 70 pictures to repair, even though the Designer TJP Product Line (unless written and stated otherwise) is available to order.
-- Designer TJP

Hello we have the Rare highly sought after much talked about Batman Villain Bane Stock Exchange Safety Vest. TDKR Movie Accurate and Fabricated by Designer TJP (The dude who helped re-make the Alice Cooper Cyclops Creature over at SOTA FX). Sized to fit Adult Medium to Large Males, the Custom 'Bane Stock Exchange Vest' goes over your existing big jacket of choice, and sports the now infamous 'DCS' Courier Service label on the front and back. The material used on this vest build, is an indigo dark athletic mesh, doubled-up for better structure and vest shape performance. Silvery Safety Stripes race down the front and back. Elastic assisted velcro straps 'hinge you up' along the sides. Get this option Bane Safety Vest today while you continue to save up money for a more expensive Movie Accurate Military Tactical Bane Vest!

Bane Stock Exchange Vest Fabricated by Designer TJP    Bane Stock Exchange Vest Fabricated by Designer TJP
Bane Stock Exchange Vest Fabricated by Designer TJP    Bane Stock Exchange Vest Fabricated by Designer TJP

Designer Notes the materials and color used in the Bane Stock Exchange Vest construction are subject to change, without notice, due to the availabilty of fabrics downtown and better reference movie pics.

8.65 will ship the Bane Stock Exchange Vest to anywhere inside the USA. International Buyers please add an additional 14.35 U.S. Dollars to the Shipping Cost for International Priority Service. Canadian Customers will pay a little less due to their Allied Proximity. Please allow 2 to 3 days from PayPal payment to Shipping. Cheers!

Bane Stock Exchange Vest_  $284.00 US Dollars      Style Number_bnvestxchg_331

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