BATMAN Dead End Gloves Fabricated by Designer TJP!

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Batman Dead End Gloves by Designer TJP
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Hi Everyone! Now that the web host site IMGUR is no longer displaying many images from it's "free clients", makes me look "sparse and crazy" here on this webpage with several "broken Product Image Hyperlinks" all over the place. Please bear with us as the existing, but missing, images are relocated to another Hosting Site and even Google Drive. The Designer TJP Product, shown here (unless written and stated otherwise) is available to order. Feel free to email for any further details.
-- Designer TJP

Batman Dead End Gloves by Designer TJP

BATMAN 'DEAD END' Gauntlet / Gloves - Costume Accurate

Batman Dead End Gloves by Designer TJPHello we have a sick fresh pair of BATMAN DEAD END Glove / Gauntlets. Inspired from the Sandy Collora Short Film that immediately nailed the look of a fierce Comic Book Batman onto the screen way before Nolan's TDK Bat. The Bat Gloves are Fabricated by Costume Designer TJP (The dude who Costumed the Revolting Cocks/Ministry Music Video 'Do ya Think I'm Sexy' with Visual FX Help from 'Jake the Snake' who performs in the Batman Dead End Movie as the Alien).

Made with soft Black Vinyl, and yielding 3 plastic encased Black Bat Fins on each glove, the Gauntlets rise approx. 9" inches (22.86 cm) up your forearm from the wrist. Your hand palm circumference can be up to just over 9.5" inches (24.13 cm) and the Bat Gloves will fit just fine. Sized for Adult Medium to Large Males. Add some true Bat Grittiness to your Batsuit with these Batman Dead End Style Gloves from Designer TJP.

Get your Batman DE Gloves today & realize it's wonderful to have a Justice League Call Ring if you're ever surrounded!

Batman Dead End Gloves by Designer TJP Batman Dead End Gloves by Designer TJP Batman Dead End Gloves by Designer TJP

Designer Notes the materials and style used in the fabrication of the Bat DE Gloves are subject to change, without notice, depending on the fabric available downtown and better reference pics.

8.65 will ship the Batman Dead End Glove / Gauntlets to anywhere inside the USA. International Buyers please add an additional 14.35 U.S. Dollars to the Shipping Costs for International First Class Mail Service. Canadians will pay a little less in shipping due to their Allied Proximity. Cheers!

Batman Dead End Gauntlets_ $129.00 U.S.Dollars   Style Number_BgauntDE_1size_033

for Buyers in the USA
for International Buyers
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Please allow 2 to 3 working days from time of your PayPal payment to ship out your Bat Gauntlets.
All sales are final. Ask anything on your mind before purchasing this item. Thank you.

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