Batman TDKR Batcape Fabricated by Designer TJP!


"Today, you can fight up to six men. I'll teach you to fight six hundred men."
                  League of Assasins Main Villain in Batman Begins

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TDKR Bat Cape by Designer TJP


TDKR Bat Cape by Designer TJP

Dual Fit TDK or TDKR C Bale Batman Style Velvet Cape

With built in "Slits" to add "Posing Sticks"!

Hello we have a Black Batman TDKR Full Swing Batcape. More Bat Cape Pics will come soon. Fabricated by Designer TJP (the Guest Designer on Episode 6 of SyFy Show Monster Man with DEVO), the wingspan on this 4 panel Batcape is over 9 1/2 feet (24.13 cm)! The top cape ends are capped off with 'prickly-scratchy' sided velcro (we will ship you some matching 'fuzzy-sided matching velcro' to attach or adhere to the inside of your favorite TDKR Batsuit). This Movie Accurate TDKR Batcape is also compatible with the TDK 'Batman Begins' Cosplay Folk. Simply 'trim off' the top tip end velcro and make 'holes' to attach under the 'twin TDK Cape Holder Triangle Pins' appearing on both sides of your TDK Bat Cowl.

For TDKR Bat Fans wearing the UDReplica Motorcycle Suits, we understand your suit already has a lot of velcro action going on as you overlay your top chest piece over your front zipper. Simply insert the TDKR Batcape top tip velcro ends into this cavity area and voila! The Cape is approximately 63" inches (160.2 centimeters) tall from back of neck to the floor and comfortably fits any adult male neck circumference. This Bat Cape is optimized for Bat Folks 6' feet (1.8288 meters) tall with decent heeled Bat Boots. Comes with cape end 'facing slits' to add your rod posing sticks for maximum effect.

Launch yourself over the edge of fantasy and take back the night!

TDKR Bat Cape by Designer TJP TDKR Bat Cape by Designer TJP TDKR Bat Cape by Designer TJP
TDKR Bat Cape by Designer TJP TDKR Bat Cape by Designer TJP TDKR Bat Cape by Designer TJP TDKR Bat Cape by Designer TJP

Designer notes the materials and color used in the Batcape construction are subject to change, without notice, depending on the availability of fabric downtown.

14.20 will ship this Batman TDKR Cape to anywhere in the USA. International Buyers please add an additional 30.60 to the shipping cost. Cheers!

TDKR C Bale Batman Style Velvet Cape_ $169.00 U.S.Dollars   Style Number_tdkr_bcape_102

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