1980's Icon Hit Wonder MAX HEADROOM Wearable Costume by Designer TJP

"Don't say the P Word!"     Max Headroom

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Max Headroom TV Box Prop by Designer TJP Silent Sound Out
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Max Headroom was an early era Digital TV Personality and cult hit 80's Icon. Back in the days when Personal PC's were still new, and way before The Internet, Max Headroom was widely known, especially among the 80's New Wave Crowd. Max helped guide and shape their unique flamboyant style with his Guru Staccato/Stutter Rapid Fire Voice Delivery. Max's Voice dovetailed nicely with the new Rap Style "Scratching" music scorching the Air Waves and thumping the New Wave Dance Clubs at the time. Max Headroom never married.      Editor

Max Headroom TV Box Prop by Designer TJP

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MAX HEADROOM Complete Wearable Costume

Hello! From Designer TJP (the dude who helped fabricate the Mortal Kombat suits, like Scorpion, seen in the MK4 Commercial), we have a complete wearable MAX HEADROOM Costume. All you need is your favorite pair of shoes. Max Headroom was an 80's Icon and a Cult Hit Wonder. The painted rubber latex Max Headroom Mask is pre-bought & sized to fit Medium to Large Adults and will velcro close in the back. There's custom fabric covered sponge inside the Mask to help stop Head Wobble while you work it. The Max Headroom TV Box Prop comes with inside lights to illuminate your alter ego confident face and show off the dizzy flourescent parallel lines that surround your head. The bottom box entrance hole easily fits over an Adult size circumference up to 24.5 " inches (62.23 cm). The materials used in the Max Headroom Costume include foam core, cardboard, flourescent poster boards, electrical tape, and plenty of glue. Metal braces help hold your Max TV Box Prop snug over your shoulders.

Huge 80's Style shoulder pads elevate the white Max Headroom Jacket to match his ego. The Jacket will fit Medium Adults. This cool Max Costume comes with a Max TV Blinking Lite Prop Box, Latex Rubber Mask, White Suit, Shirt, Bowtie, even some White Gloves. All you need is your favorite shoes!

Become MAX HEADROOM today and let 'em turn on your TV!

Max Headroom TV Box Prop by Designer TJP    Max Headroom TV Box Prop by Designer TJP    Max Headroom TV Box Prop by Designer TJP    Max Headroom TV Box Prop by Designer TJP

We provide free shipping, of this wearable MAX HEADROOM Costume to anywhere in the Continental USA. International Buyers please pay approx 55.25 U.S. Dollars for International Priority Service. Our Allied Canadian Buyers will pay a lot less due to their closer proximity. Cheers!

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