Bane Gauntlet Fabricated by Designer TJP


To us Bat Fans, sorry the crazy dude shot up the movie theater and massacred innocent folk. Don't want to say his name much 'cause this is exactly what his crazy mind wants. Us to be thrown back against the wall in fear to go out in public and see another movie. We do know what we don't want. No Public Defender to ever prove mental insanity for the red haired dude. If that were to happen, he'd live a life of luxury and attentiveness with our state paid taxes wearing a nice white robe and placing pegs into holes in front of an Elmo TV show with Doctors looking in, every once in a while, hoping to get his brain back. We already have a six year old girl who's yearning learning brain is permanently laid to rest, thanks to his aimless bullets, before ever conquering Algebra for God's sake. It's a very proud feeling to watch America stay strong and fearless and continue to head out to the theaters, in force, to watch The Dark Knight Rises. Amen.
                  Gotham Editor

Bane Gauntlet Wrist Guard by Designer TJP

Hi Everyone! Now that the web host site IMGUR is no longer displaying many images from it's "free clients", makes me look "sparse and crazy" over here with several "broken Product Image Hyperlinks" all over the place. Please bear with us as the existing, but missing, images are relocated to another Hosting Site and even Google Drive. There's approximately 70 pictures to repair, even though the Designer TJP Product Line (unless written and stated otherwise) is available to order.
-- Designer TJP

Bane Gauntlet Wrist Guard by Designer TJP

Bane Right Hand Gauntlet Wrist Guard - Movie Accurate

Hello, from Designer TJP (Costumer on the Mortal Kombat Commercial) we have a Bane right hand Gauntlet Wrist Gaurd protector to complete your awesome Bane outfit. Velcro adjustable, this gauntlet 'rides' approx 8" inches (20.32 cm) up your arm. Sized to easily fit Medium to Large Adult Males, the gauntlet is 'semi-fingerless' with a single hole for your thumb (see pics). Made with durable brown vinyl and ultra suede trim, you are about to become one fearsome Dude should you get this Movie Accurate Wrist Guard Gauntlet today.

Bane Gauntlet Wrist Guard by Designer TJP    Bane Gauntlet Wrist Guard by Designer TJP

Designer Notes the style, shape, and materials used in the construction of the Gauntlet are subject to change, without notice due to availability of fabrics downtown and more clearer and precise ref pics from the movie.

Bane Wrist Gauntlet_  $120.00 US Dollars      Style Number_bgaunt_701

8.65 will ship the Bane Wrist Guard to anywhere in the USA. International Buyers please add an additional 14.35 U.S. Dollars to the Shipping Cost for International Priority Service. Please allow 2 to 3 work days before shipping out your Bane Gauntlet Wrist Guard. Cheers!

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