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Hi Everyone! So after 2K17, The Number One Search Engine in The World [Google] wants to sternly urge most of us Website Owners to "Go SSL" immediately or look "Bad & Non-Trustworthy" in the world of Commerce or when someone simply visits your site. The above mentioned powerful search engine company actually places "warning signs" in the top left URL Window of their Chrome Browser to alert The World Visitors of your new and sudden "caution" status. For me, I'd like to say that, for all of my PayPal Buy Now Buttons, on the following pages, you will be taken to a secure Paypal Website to complete your transactions. As a Layman Style Novice Webmaster, I'm currently investigating SSL Certificate options for the DesignerTJP Website (like, I'd love to know if CloudFlare is only for the Wordpress Folks?), then find an affordable option. Personally, I don't think it was fair for Google to suddenly demand we all become Fortune 500 "Online" Companies overnite, with a demand to get SSL certified or risk getting sign-slapped as "untrustworthy" in their top URL Locator Window.

UFx Sample Row
"When you need to disappear on-set!"
Accessories for TV, Video & Film

Special FX Costume Design Accessories

Dark Knight Accessory Gear for The Bat from Designer TJP!

DEADPOOL Reproduction Prop Design & Accessories

Future Deadpool Hood Prop by Designer TJP

Future Deadpool Hood Prop
SUPERMAN Man of Steel Props and Accessories

Assassin's Creed Game Accurate Props and Accessories

Selina Kyle Anne Hathaway Catwoman Props and Accessories
The Chronicles of Riddick Prop Accessories
Riddick Backpack by Designer TJP
Riddick Backpack
Riddick Gauntlets by Designer TJP
Riddick Gauntlets


Accessory Gear for Star Wars Cosplay from Designer TJP!
Luke Endor Poncho
Luke Endor Poncho
Bespin Boot Straps by Designer TJP
Luke Skywalker Bespin Boot Straps
Universal Fit by Designer TJP
Jedi Knight Outer Robe by Designer TJP
Jedi Knight Outer Robe
100% Ultrasuede by Designer TJP

Rey Cuff Fabricated by Designer TJP
Rey Cuff Wristband
Fabricated by Designer TJP
Tatooine Poncho by Designer TJP
Luke Skywalker Tatooine Poncho
Movie Accurate Version by Designer TJP

Designer TJP sewing at MBPfx Shop
Accessory Gear for Vader Sith Lords by Designer TJP!
Darth Vader Cape by Designer TJP
Darth Vader 4 Panel Fully Lined 100% Wool Cape with Faux Leather Trim on Top Neck & Cape Bottom by Designer TJP
Darth Vader Inner Robe by Designer TJP
Darth Vader Inner Robe 100% Wool
by Designer TJP
The Darth Vader Gloves by Designer TJP
Darth Vader Gloves ANH Style
by Designer TJP
Darth Vader Codpiece Fabricated by Designer TJP
Darth Vader Codpiece Fabricated by Designer TJP

Batman Villain BANE Movie Accurate Reproduction Accessories

Mortal Kombat Character Accessories

X-Men Accessories by Designer TJP

HALO Replica Prop Accessories

Wild Couture Fashion Design Accessories

Illustration & Collector Prop Items

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