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A Red DL_Mask
Ninjas have asked just what the hell is this poster about? It's an inspiration mixed media illustration from the Tom Cruise "Last Samurai" movie.
A Black DL_Mask
A DL_Reverse MaskA Red DL_Mask
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These Custom Made ICP Masks are from the Original Dark Lotus Mask Designer, Tuck John Porter. 100% percent Music Concert Accurate, the Black DL Mask/Hood with the White Cross, was seen at the Hatchet Rizing Tour Concert. Each Mask is 240.00, plus 8.65 shipping in USA. Worldwide shipping is 23.00 U.S. Dollars. Canada Shipping is 16.00 U.S. Dollars. Please specify which color combination you'd like, when ordering (Black with White Cross, White with Black Cross, or Red with Black Cross). mmfcl

DL Mask_  $240.00 US Dollars      Style Number_dl_mask_2k1

for Buyers in the USA
Dark Lotus Mask Color Choice
for International Buyers
Dark Lotus Mask Color Choice
for Buyers in Canada
Dark Lotus Mask Color Choice

Please allow 4 to 5 work days, from a PayPal Hit to ship out the Wrestling Masks.

Designer notes the materials and color used in the construction of the DL Masks are subject to change without notice due to fabric availability downtown.

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